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IDAMN : an intrusion detection architecture for mobile networks

Samfat, Didier;Molva, Refik

IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Volume 15, N°7, September 1997

In this paper we present IDAMN, a distributed system whose main functionality is to track and detect mobile intruders in real-time. IDAMN includes two algorithms which model the behaviour of users in terms of both telephony activity and migration pattern. The main novelty of our architecture is its ability to perform intrusion detection in the visited location and within the duration of a typical call as opposed to existing designs that require the reporting of all call data to the home location in order to perform the actual detection. The algorithms and the components of IDAMN have been designed in order to minimize the overhead incurred in the fixed part of the cellular network.

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Titre:IDAMN : an intrusion detection architecture for mobile networks
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