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Moving face spoofing detection via 3D projective invariants

De Marsico, Maria; Nappi, Michele; Riccio, Daniel; Dugelay, Jean-Luc

ICB 2012, 5th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics, 29 March-1 April 2012, New Delhi, India

Face recognition provides many advantages compared with other available biometrics, but it is particularly subject to spoofing. The most accurate methods in literature addressing this problem, rely on the estimation of the three-dimensionality of faces, which heavily increase the whole cost of the system. This paper proposes an effective and efficient solution to problem of face spoofing. Starting from a set of automatically located facial points, we exploit geometric invariants for detecting replay attacks. The presented results demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed indices.

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Titre:Moving face spoofing detection via 3D projective invariants
Ville:New Delhi
Département:Sécurité numérique
Eurecom ref:3663
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