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Future architectures for public warning systems

Wetterwald, Michelle; Bonnet, Christian; Camara, Daniel; Grazzini, Sebastien; Fenwick, Jérome; Ladjointe, Xavier; Fondere, Jean-Louis

ICNS 2011, 7th International Conference on Networking and Services, May 22-27, 2011, Venice/Mestre, Italy

Journal Invitation Award

Natural disasters have often made the headlines in the past years. As a consequence, many actions have been started by the public authorities to reduce the damages and the number of casualties. In that objective, the French project RATCOM aims at developing an alert system in case of coastal tsunami. Its downstream components will propose reliable and efficient communication systems to relay the alert. In parallel to the integration of the existing technologies in the project demonstrator, a survey analysis has been performed to identify the communications technologies and networks which are in preparation but not yet operational, and which will increase the efficiency and quantity of individuals reachable by the future population alert networks. Each of these technologies is not sufficient by itself, but their combination will improve drastically the efficiency of the alerting global system.

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Titre:Future architectures for public warning systems
Mots Clés:Tsunamis; alerting; public warning system, broadcasting networks
Département:Systèmes de Communication
Eurecom ref:3443
Copyright: IARIA
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