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Bag of soft biometrics for person identification : New trends and challenges

Dantcheva, Antitza; Velardo, Carmelo; D'angelo, Angela; Dugelay, Jean-Luc

Mutimedia Tools and Applications, Springer, October 2010

In this work we seek to provide insight on the general topic of soft biometrics. We firstly present a new refined definition of soft biometrics, emphasizing on the aspect of human compliance, and then proceed to identify candidate traits that accept this novel definition. We then address relations between traits and discuss associated benefits and limitations of these traits. We also consider two novel soft biometric traits, namely weight and color of clothes and we analyze their reliability. Related promising results on the performance are provided. Finally, we consider a new application, namely human identification solely carried out by a bag of facial, body and accessory soft biometric traits, and as an evidence of its practicality, we provide preliminary promising results.

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Mots Clés:Soft biometrics - Weight - Clothes color - Bag of soft biometrics - Human identification - Multibiometrics - Biometrics
Département:Communications Multimédia
Eurecom ref:3247
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