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The Ff-family of protocols for RFID-privacy and authentication

Blass, Erik-Oliver;Kurmus, Anil;Molva, Refik;Noubir, Guevara;Shikfa, Abdullatif

Cryptology ePrint archive, Report 2008/476, November 2008

In this paper, we present the design of the lightweight $F_f$ family of privacy-preserving authentication protocols for RFID-systems. $F_f$ is based on a new algebraic framework for reasoning about and analyzing this kind of authentication protocols. $F_f$ offers user-adjustable, strong authenticity and privacy against known algebraic and also recent SAT-solving attacks. In contrast to related work, $F_f$ achieves these two security properties without requiring an expensive cryptographic hash function. $F_f$ is designed for a challenge-response protocol, where the tag sends random nonces and the results of HMAC-like computations of one of the nonces together with its secret key. In this paper, the authenticity and privacy of $F_f$ is evaluated using analytical and experimental methods.

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Titre:The Ff-family of protocols for RFID-privacy and authentication
Mots Clés:RFID, authentication, privacy
Département:Sécurité numérique
Eurecom ref:2632
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