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Balance of multiuser diversity and multiplexinggain in near-orthogonal MIMO systems withlimited feedback

de Francisco, Ruben; Slock, Dirk T M; Liang, Ying-Chang

WCNC 2007, IEEE Wireless and Communications and Networking Conference, 11-15 March, 2007, Hong Kong

Near-orthogonal transmission over MIMO broadcast channels with limited feedback is addressed, identifying the intrinsic tradeoffs that govern the system performance in terms of sum rate. A low-complexity scheme is proposed for joint scheduling and beamforming, which employs feedback in the form of quantized channel directions and lower bounds on each user's received SINR, given a maximum orthogonality factor  between transmit beamforming vectors ( = 0 if orthogonal beamforming). We assume a simple power allocation, which consists of distributing the available power equally over the active beams. In a system with K active users and a given average SNR, we show that the sum rate is a function of the number of antennas, the number of active beams (considered less than or equal to the number of antennas), the orthogonality factor  and the quantization codebook size. A practical rate function is derived for the described system which approximates the average sum rate accurately as validated through computer simulations. Based on the proposed rate function, optimality of SDMA vs. TDMA systems with asymptotically large number of users is shown. In addition, we provide a performance comparison between the proposed algorithm with limited feedback and other approaches with different level of channel state information at the transmitter.

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Titre:Balance of multiuser diversity and multiplexinggain in near-orthogonal MIMO systems withlimited feedback
Département:Systèmes de Communication
Eurecom ref:2184
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