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Augmenting Web services composition with transactional requirements

Montagut, Frédéric;Molva, Refik

Research report RR-06-156, April 2006

Current Web services composition approaches do not take into account transactional requirements defined by designers. The transactional challenges raised by the composition ofWeb services are twofold: relaxed atomicity and dynamicity. In this paper, we propose a new process to automate the design of transactional composite Web services. Our solution enables the composition of Web services not only according to functional requirements but also to transactional ones defined using the Acceptable Termination States model. The resulting composite Web service is compliant with the consistency requirements expressed by designers and its execution can easily be coordinated using the coordination rules provided as an outcome of our approach.

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Titre:Augmenting Web services composition with transactional requirements
Mots Clés:Transaction;Transactional Web services;Composite Web service;Discoveryservice
Département:Sécurité numérique
Eurecom ref:1934
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