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Can we take this off-line? Credentials for Web services supported nomadic applications

Bussard, Laurent;Claessens, Joris;Crosta, Stefano;Roudier, Yves;Zugenmaier, Alf

SAR 2005, 4th Conference on Security and Network Architectures, June 6-10, 2005, Batz-sur-Mer, France

Devices supporting nomadic applications are assumed to be able to take advantage of the capabilities of surrounding devices. This paper discusses the access control requirements of such ad-hoc federations of communicating devices, some of which may be administered by a different authority, and illustrates how such scenarios would be handled in the Web Services Security and the framework proposed in the WiTness project. The adaptation of the WiTness flexible attribute certificate infrastructure as tokens for the Web Services Security specifications suite is finally discussed as an option to support scenarios where a full-time attachment to a global network is impossible.

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Mots Clés:Web Services;attribute certificates and PKI;access control;mobile applications
Département:Réseaux et Sécurité
Eurecom ref:1750
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