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Prevention of denial of service attacks and selfishness in mobile ad hoc networks

Michiardi, Pietro;Molva, Refik

Research report RR-02-063

Countermeasures against denial of service attacks and node misbehaviour are mandatory requirements in MANET. Essential network operations assuring basic connectivity can be heavily jeopardized by nodes that do not properly execute their share of the network operations. We suggest a security mechanism based on a collaborative monitoring technique that prevents active and passive denial of service attacks by enforcing node cooperation. This mechanism can be smoothly extended to basic network functions with little impact on existing protocols. We also investigate on some attacks scenarios in order to analyze the robustness of the proposed security scheme.

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Mots Clés:Security;Mobile Ad hoc Networks;Denial of Service Attacks
Département:Réseaux et Sécurité
Eurecom ref:1387
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