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Combining history-based trust establishment with distance-bounding protocols

Bussard, Laurent;Molva, Refik;Roudier, Yves

Research report RR-04-100

History-based trust establishment aims at using unlinkable recommendations and proofs of context in order to build trust based on human notions of trust: when two persons meet for the first time, they exchange information on their acquaintances, interest and context in order to find some shared experience on which to build trust. This paper focuses on two central aspects of trust establishment: the history-based trust establishment mechanism and the proof of locality viewed as an important contextual attribute. We suggest a mechanism for proof of locality based on a distance bounding protocol. The resulting proof of locality as well as other attributes can then anonymously be combined with our history-based scheme in order for each party to prove his attributes without revealing his identity. The trust establishment scheme relies on an extension of group signatures and thus inherits various privacy attributes thereof.

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Titre:Combining history-based trust establishment with distance-bounding protocols
Mots Clés:mobile code protection;execution environment protection ;device certification;attribute certificates;pervasive computing
Département:Sécurité numérique
Eurecom ref:1354
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