Graduate School and Research Center In communication systems

Post Master's degree in Security in Computer Systems and Communications

The goal of this degree is to train cuting edge professionals or researchers in the field of computer and communications security.




With the fast development of computer and communication systems in our private and professional life, today have come fraud and malevolence in various forms. Attacks are routinely ranging from simple computer nuisances to cybercrime and threats to critical infrastructure. In the past decades technical means to counter these attacks have experienced a tremendous growth and the birth of entirely new fields :

  • the large scale use of cryptography by the general public,
  • software, operating system and network security,
  • secure Internet transactions,
  • security of mobile and wireless communications,
  • rights management and protection of multimedia content.


This course offers the necessary technical knowledge for engineers responsible for designing secure systems and system administrators responsible for ensuring computer and network security within a company or a public authority.

The emphasis is on:

  • Understanding and analysis of attacks on networks, systems and security hardware.
  • Design and management of security mechanisms for fixed and mobile networks, computer systems and security applications of image processing.

The security topics studied include:

  • cryptography and its applications
  • malware detection and analysis
  • specific mechanisms for the protection of communications, networks and distributed computer applications
  • image protection and biometric techniques


The programmes take 15 months and comprise 2 semesters of courses and a 6-month internship to be carried out in industry or exceptionally a research laboratory if the student has prior significant industry experience. The program is taught entirely in English. French classes will be included free of charge in the program. The degree consists of 90 ECTS.

Course catalogue:

The full course guide can also be download by clicking on the following link.


This program targets:

  • Students who already hold a Master's degree (or equivalent) and engineers willing to specialize in the design, implementation and management of technical means for the security of computer systems and communications.

  • researchers with experience in computer networking or telecommunications interested in gaining a new interdisciplinary perspective on research in systems security for computing and communications.

A French Engineering Diploma (recognized by the CTI) or a foreign MASTER's DEGREE (5 years study min) in a relevant discipline which includes, but is not limited to, computer science, information systems and electrical engineering, is required.


The potential employers thus includes companies specialized in the security fields such as

  • Network and Software Security Manufacturers (Firewall, IDS, Antivirus, … )
  • Network and Software Security Service Providers (Security consulting, ethical hacking services
  • Hardware and software manufacturers
  • Professional Services (consulting, project management)
  • Communication equipment manufacturers
  • Network operators
  • Application providers.

Targeted positions:

  • Security architect
  • Security officer
  • Network manager
  • Security consultant
  • Software Engineer with strong security expertise
  • System Engineer with strong security expertise
  • Telecommunications Engineer with strong security expertise


Application deadlines:

  • Applicants who need a visa: June 9, 2014
  • Applicants from France/ the UE: August 1, 2014

How to apply?

Please click on the following link to access to the application procedures. We also invite you to read the Application Guidelines.


For more information about the tuition fees and other financial matters,  please refer to the following link.


The Laboratory of Excellence LABEX UCN@SOPHIA provides scholarships to highly ranked students wishing to pursue studies at Phd level after their studies at EURECOM.

To be eligible to apply to this program, students must:

* be graduate from a foreign university

* be willing to study a topic covered by the Labex UCN@Sophia's current research

* be willing to do their internship in one of the LABEX 's research teams

* be willing to pursue in Phd studies afterwards.


Click on each course title to access to the course description and professor's biography.

FALL SEMESTER (October-January)

Technical courses
T InternetApp 3.00 Internet applications
T MobSys 5.00 Mobile communication systems
T Netw_I 5.00 Introduction to computer networking and internet
T SecCom 5.00 Secure communications
T SysSec 5.00 System and Network Security

General courses
G Entrep 3.00 Entrepreneurship and Capital-Venture
G Innov 3.00 Innovation & new product development
G ManagIntro 5.00 Introduction to management
G Property 3.00 Intellectual property law
G TeamLead 5.00 Personal Development and Team Leadership



Technical courses
T Forensics 5.00 Cyber-crime and Computer Forensics
T HWSec 3.00 Security of Security hardware
T ImSecu 3.00 Imaging for security applications watermarking & biometrics
T MobIP 3.00 Mobile Networking
T Netw_II 5.00 Internetworking architectures and protocols
T SecAppli 3.00 Security applications in networking and distributed systems

General courses
G Business 5.00 Business Simulation
G Law 3.00 General introduction to law : contracts, setting up a business
G ProjMan 5.00 Project management
G SATT 3.00 Sociological Approaches of Telecom Technologies







Caroline HANRAS

International Relations and Admission Manager

hanras [at] eurecom [dot] fr (Send an email)


EURECOM is a great learning environment. It’s a point of convergence for students and teachers coming from all over the world, and  the mixture of cultures, approaches and ways of life is an extremely stimulating experience. This allows you to work with some of the brightest minds in the computer security research.
It’s a great opportunity to grow as a person, an opportunity that is hardly matched by any other institute in Europe!

Corrado leita, Symantec
Principal engineer at Symantec

Master from EURECOM/Politecnico di Torino in 2006