Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

This Master, co-delivered by EURECOM and INSTITUT MINES TELECOM, provides the necessary competences in the creation, processing and usage of multimedia information in stand-alone or networked applications.

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Provide the theoretical background and the applied know-how for engineers in Multimedia Information Technologies

Understand the basics of multimedia signal processing

Acquire the master tools to manipulate Multimedia information across networks and inside distributed applications

Acquire managerial knowledge to provide innovation in multimedia services (Project management, Organization, Innovation management...)



Multimedia information has become pervasive in our environment, in both personal and professional domains. Mobile devices can easily record pictures and videos that are downloaded onto computers and shared across networks. The web provides a unified access to huge amounts of informations. Companies integrate multimedia information in the development of their own products or in service to their customers.

Multimedia engineers understand the structure and characteristics of multimedia signals and knwo how to integrate them in new applications. The Msc in Multimedia Information Technologies adresses jointly all the aspects related to the creation; processing and usage of multimedia information in stand-alone or networkied applications.

Language of instruction: English


Applications for 2016-2018 are until June 2016. Please refer to the application guide. Applications are to be made online only until the admission decision.

  • A Bachelor's degree (minimum 3 years of higher education) with high academic records in a relevant field is required: computer sciences, telecommunications, applied mathematics, electrical engineering...
  • A B2 level in English or equivalent is required. No prerequisite in French are expected as the courses are entirely taught in English.



Students need to validate a certain amount of technical and general courses per semester, it means students can design their own curriculum by choosing the most relevant courses in the list below.

Fall semester (October-January)

Spring semester (February-June)











Caroline HANRAS

International Relations and Admission Manager

admission [at] eurecom [dot] fr (subject: International%20Master%20in%20Multimedia%20Information%20Technologies) (Send an email)



I am Deepak Kumar JAIN from India in Dept. of Multimedia in Information Technology. Having a short professional experience in multimedia technologies helped me in selecting EURECOM for my Masters studies. EURECOM is known for its research capabilities with higher emphasis on practical aspects of education.  Not only EURECOM helps to develop the technical capabilities but also management and intellectual skills because of its balanced course curriculum. In all, masters in Multimedia provide a rigorous but innovative platform to learn in this fast evolving field.

Currently I am working as Vision Research Engineer in R&D Department of Valeo Vision Systems in Ireland.

Deepak Kumar JAIN, class of 2012