Graduate School and Research Center In communication systems

Master degree in Communications and computer security

The Master in Communications and Computer Security, co-delivered by EURECOM and INSTITUT MINES TELECOM is designed for those wishing to develop a career as an expert in the growing field of computer security.

For more information about the International Master's organisation and employment outcomes, please consult the following link.




The MSc ComSec aims at providing a solid background in the design and management of security in major areas of communications and computer science. The professional training in security will be offered as a companion to an advanced program on computer networking, mobile services and imaging.

The graduates will thus be able to tackle security problems encountered in networking, distributed software applications and in image processing. Various technical areas ranging from cryptographic mechanisms to intrusion detection and practical countermeasures against network attacks through watermarking of images and biometric identification techniques will be addressed in several courses and laboratories.



Apart from increased connectivity and a broad range of new services, the advent of new telecommunication and information technologies in the last decade has also given technically advanced intruders the opportunity to carry out a variety of attacks, thereby threatening the integrity of the infrastructure and violating the privacy of users. Ranging from simple spoofing or tampering of personal data to distributed denial of service attacks jeopardizing global network operation, these attacks are even viewed as the major impediment to further development of business applications over Internet.

As the main countermeasure to these problems, security of communications and computer systems became an important requirement both for users of on-line services and for technical specialists involved in the design of networks and applications. Security mechanisms therefore are embedded as an essential building block of all computer and communications systems at early stages of the design. Recently designed systems like GSM, Mobile IP or the WiFi standards all include sophisticated security mechanisms based on encryption and key management as opposed to their earlier counterparts like the original Internet protocols that were severely lacking security functions.

Language of instruction: English


Applications for 2016-2018 are until June 2016. Please refer to the application guide. Applications are to be made online only until the admission decision.

  • A Bachelor's degree (minimum 3 years of higher education) with high academic records in a relevant field is required: computer sciences, telecommunications, applied mathematics, electrical engineering...
  • A B2 level in English or equivalent is required. No prerequisite in French are expected as the courses are entirely taught in English.



Fall semester (October-January)

Technical courses
T Clouds 5.00 Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing
T G_Theory 3.00 Game Theory
T ImCompress 5.00 Image and video Compression and Processing
T NetEcon 3.00 Network Economics
T Netw_I 5.00 Introduction to computer networking and internet
T SecCom 5.00 Secure communications
T SoftDev 5.00 Software development methodologies
T SysSec 5.00 System and Network Security
T WebInt 3.00 Human-computer interaction for the Web: interaction design and user evaluation

General courses
G Entrep 3.00 Entrepreneurship and Capital-Venture
G GreenIT 3.00 Sustainable ICT's
G Innov 3.00 Innovation & new product development
G ManagIntro 5.00 Introduction to management
G Property 3.00 Intellectual property law
G TeamLead 5.00 Personal Development and Team Leadership

Spring semester (February-June)

Technical courses
T Forensics 5.00 Cyber-crime and Computer Forensics
T HWSec 3.00 Hardware Security
T ImSecu 3.00 Imaging for security applications watermarking & biometrics
T MobIP 3.00 Mobile Networking
T MobWat 3.00 Wireless Access Technologies
T SecAppli 3.00 Security applications in networking and distributed systems
T WebSem 3.00 An Introduction to Semantic Web technologies

General courses
G Business 5.00 Business Simulation
G Law 3.00 General introduction to law : contracts, setting up a business
G ProjMan 5.00 Project management
G SATT 3.00 Sociological Approaches of Telecom Technologies










Caroline HANRAS

International Relations and Admission Manager

admission [at] eurecom [dot] fr (subject: International%20Master%20in%20Communications%20and%20computer%20security) (Send an email)



I had a very memorable stay at EURECOM. We got a personal treatment from both, faculty and the administrative staff. I’m really grateful for that.

The first thing I noticed at EURECOM was such a colourful multicultural environment. That gives a knowhow about the world, a huge international platform for knowledge sharing. Regarding academics, the course content was updated. We were given a wide knowledge about many latest technologies. All the courses were very well designed and practically oriented.

Towards the end of my studies, I joined Hitachi's ICTL lab as a final semester intern. My work at Hitachi was closely related to EURECOM's research activities. I believe, EURECOM's industry oriented curriculum helped me a lot to mould my profile in accordance with the current job market requirements. Currently I'm working as a Software Consultant at Amadeus, which is the world's largest transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry. EURECOM's alumni are truly global and widespread. Today, at this point of my career, I firmly believe EURECOM played a major role in my achievements and continues to give its students an edge in today's competitive job scenario. I thank EURECOM for the foundation and confidence it provided.

Thanks and Regards,
Vineet KUMAR