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International master's degree



TelecomParistech / EURECOM MASTER's programs are nationally accredited (National Master's Degree in Science and Technology) by the French Ministry of National Education and Research.

These programmes have received the prestigious ParisTech label, which guarantees a high level of academic quality and relevance to market needs.

Research-oriented students may apply for Doctoral studies after completion of the Program. Since 2006, more than 140 students from 27 nationalities have been enrolled in these programs, with very good career outcomes after graduation.


  • Requirements: a Bachelor's degree or a degree equivalent to 4 years of higher education in a relevant discipline.

Please note that students with a completed Master's degree can also consider applying to our Post Master's degree (more information).

  • Duration:  16 months

Three semesters: two academic semesters from October to June and one professional paid internship in a company or research laboratory, depending on whether or not the student wishes to go on to do a Phd, from July to December).

Please note that intensive French classes will be provided in September before the start of the program to help students adapt to their new French environnement.

  • Content and organisation of the curriculum:

The curriculum is made of lectures, seminars, exercices of practical application, personally supervised projects, teamworks and a professional internship in a company.

It combines both technical courses and "non technical courses" (soft skills such as management, project management) to develop double competence essential for future top positions.

  • Academic Regulations: please find the link to access to the academic regulations

  • Language: the curriculum is entirely taught in English.

Intensive French classes will be delivered before the start of the program and throughout the academic year.




The Admission Board will meet monthly from February to June 2014. We organise 4 admission sessions for Master ICT applications. Please make sure that the application documents sent by post reach us by the deadlines specified below.

The last application deadline is on June 9, 2014.

The sonner students apply, the easier it will be to help them prepare their stay in France and most scholarship deadlines are before the end of March.

Application deadline Date of the Admission decision
Session 1 : 17 Feb 2014
Session 2 : 24 March 2014
Session 3 : 28 April 2014
Session 4 :  9 June 2014
Session 1 : 17 March 2014
Session 2 :   7 April 2014
Session 3 : 12 May 2014
Session 4 :  27 June 2014




STEP 1: Fill the online form and send by post the required documents to the following address: (list of documents)

Please make sure that the hard copies of the documents sent by post, reach us by the deadlines indicated above if you want your application to be considered for a specific session. For each admission session, the Admission Board will only be able to assess applications received on time.

International Master's degree Admissions

Campus SophiaTech
CS 50193 – 06904 Sophia Antipolis Cedex


STEP 2: Selection and admission

Candidates will be informed of the Admission Board decision within the month following each application deadline mentioned above. All applications will be examined by fixed dates.

STEP 3. Confirmation of admission

Selected students then have to confirm their admission by paying a 1000€ deposit within one month of the notification of acceptance. The deposit will be deducted from the overall tuition fees.

STEP 4. A final registration letter is sent by post to the applicant upon reception of the deposit.


Tuition fees for the whole program (pre-academic intensive French + 3 semesters, 16 months):

  • 11 000 Euros

  • 8 800 Euros for students from partner universities.

  • 3 300 Euros for students fom the European Union and Erasmus-zone countries.

  • Please note that the third semester of the program is a 6-month paid internship in a company or a research lab. Students will receive a monthly financial allowance enabling them to cover a substantial part of their costs (It is legally compulsory in France to grant interns a monthly financial allowance).

  • It is not advised to count on a part-time job in France to cover part of the costs. It may be very hard to find such job and the master' studies require full time dedication. Working while studying can be very detrimental.

At the student's request, payment in several installments is possible following EURECOM's Regulations. A deposit of 1000€ is to be paid before arrival to confirm admission.


  • The "Fondation Telecom", which brings together sponsor companies, grants scholarships each year to the best students admitted to our Master's programs. The number of scholarships is limited and varies each year depending on the sponsors' donations to the foundation. Only the applications of the best students with outstanding academic records are submitted to the Fondation Télécom.

  • Partial tuition fees waivers. Each year, there is a limited number of partial tuition fee waivers granted to the best applicants with an excellent academic background and strong motivation.

  • Please be aware that the EIFFEL scholarships ONLY target students who are admitted for a double master's degree in the framework of an academic agreement between TélécomParistech/EURECOM and their university partners (the duration of studies in France are 2 years). It means students who apply to the International Master are not eligible to this scholarship.

  • If you wish to apply for a scholarship or tuition fee waiver, please mention it in the FINANCIAL STATEMENT required in the application package.



French embassies, foreign governments and international institutions may also grant scholarships, for more information please refer to:

* the CampusBourses search engine

* the Scholarshipportal engine

  • Labex Scholarships

The Laboratory of Excellence LABEX UCN@SOPHIA provides scholarships to highly ranked students wishing to pursue studies at Phd level after their Master' studies.

The criteria to apply to this program, students must:

* have excellent academic records

* be graduate from a foreign university

* be willing to study a topic covered by the Labex UCN@Sophia's current research

* be willing to do their internship in one of the LABEX 's research teams

* be willing to pursue in Phd studies afterwards.






Caroline HANRAS

International Relations and Admission Manager

hanras [at] eurecom [dot] fr (Send an email)


The year in EURECOM with those friends would be my best memory in my life. As to the Quality of Teaching, I would like to say : I’ve learnt much from it. The course arrangement in EURECOM, personally, I think they are integrated and combined with each other very well, I mean, it’s systematic. I am Master of Security Communication; the courses I chose are practical in my internship and help me build a good foundation. Of course, considering the complex and rapidly changing world, the more practical projects and experiments there are, the better it would be. Everything is so great. One of the hardest things in life is having words in you heart that you can’t utter, which exactly express my feeling about my brilliant life in EURECOM !

Class of 2009