Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

Cursus 6-12 months

Free courses

T ATWireless 5.00 Advanced topics in wireless communications
G B_INNOV 5.00 How to adopt the right posture and move from idea to market!
T BigSec 3.00 Security and privacy for Big Data and Cloud
T Clouds 5.00 Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing
T CompArch 5.00 Computer architecture
T DBSys 5.00 Database Management System Implementation
T DigiCom 5.00 Digital communications
T ImCod 3.00 Image & Video Compression
T ImProc 3.00 Digital Image Processing
T InfoTheo 5.00 Information theory
T MALIS 5.00 Machine Learning and Intelligent System
G ManagIntro 5.00 Introduction to management
T MathEng 3.00 Essential Mathematical Methods for Engineers
T MobCom 5.00 Mobile communication techniques
T MobiSec 5.00 Mobile Systems and Smartphone Security
T MobServ 5.00 Mobile application and services
T MobSys 5.00 Mobile communication systems
T Net_Prog 5.00 Hands on approach to computer networking
T NetMod 5.00 Network Modeling
T Optim 3.00 Optimization Theory with Applications
T OS 5.00 Operating systems
G RDI 3.00 Responsible Digital Innovation: Risks, Ethics and Technology
T SecCom 5.00 Secure communications
T SoftDev 3.00 Software development methodologies
T SSP 5.00 Statistical signal processing
T STATS 3.00 Foundations of Statistical Inference
T SysSec 5.00 System and Network Security
G TeamLead 5.00 Personal Development and Team Leadership
T UMLEmb 3.00 Designing embedded systems with UML
T WebInt 3.00 Interaction Design and Development of Modern Web Applications
T WiSec 3.00 Wireless Security