Graduate School and Research Center In communication systems

Technical Courses


Technical courses
T ATMM Advanced topics in multimedia
T ATWireless Advanced topics in wireless communications
T Clouds Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing
T CompArch Computer architecture
T DigiCom Digital communications
T EmSim Emulation and simulation methodologies
T G_Theory Game Theory
T ImCompress Image and video Compression and Processing
T InfoTheo Information theory
T MALIS Machine Learning and Intelligent System
T MathEng Essential Mathematical Methods for Engineers
T MMIR Multimedia indexing and retrieval
T MobCom Mobile communication techniques
T MobMod Mobility Modeling
T MobServ Mobile application and services
T MobSys Mobile communication systems
T NetEcon Network Economics
T NetMod Network Modeling
T Netw_I Introduction to computer networking and internet
T Optim Fundamentals of Optimisation
T OS Operating systems
T SecCom Secure communications
T SoftDev Software development methodologies
T SSP Statistical signal processing
T Stand Standardization activities
T Stat Statistical data analysis
T SysSec System and Network Security
T UMLEmb UML for Embedded Systems
T WebInt Human-computer interaction for the Web: interaction design and user evaluation


Technical courses
T 3DGraph 3-D and virtual imaging (analysis and synthesis)
T AML Algorithmic Machine Learning
T ASI Advanced Statistical Inference
T Coding Chanel coding theory
T DigitalSystems Digital systems, hardware - software integration
T DSMWare Distributed software and middleware
T Forensics Cyber-crime and Computer Forensics
T FormalMet FormalMethods-Formal specification and verification of systems
T HWSec Hardware Security
T ImSecu Imaging for security applications watermarking & biometrics
T MMTech Multimedia technology
T MobAdv Mobile Advanced Networks
T MobIP Mobile Networking
T MobWat Wireless Access Technologies
T PlanIFR Infrastructure Planning
T PlanTP Transportation Planning
T Radio Radio engineering
T SecAppli Security applications in networking and distributed systems
T SigTech Signal processing technologies
T SP4COM Signal Processing for Communications
T Speech Speech and audio processing
T TraffEEc Emission and Traffic Efficiency
T WebSem An Introduction to Semantic Web technologies