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EURECOM does not have on-campus residences but our service helps its future students secure accommodation by providing them contacts from various housing options. Students are responsible for their choice of accommodation and should be aware of all the conditions before signing a housing contract. In any case, students should not pay for lists of accomodation offers sent by private estate companies, since these offers are often non valid. 

Students are strongly advised to refer to us for any doubt or questions before signing a contract, we are at your disposal to guide you in your accomodation research. 


You may find useful to read first the housing guides published by CAMPUSFRANCE on such topics as “Public/Private university residences”, “steps to follow in a private renting”, “flat sharing…”. Access to the link.


EURECOM is located in the commune of BIOT at the heart of Sophia Antipolis, EUROPE’s largest technology park, northwest of ANTIBES (8km) and CANNES (15km) and southwest of NICE (22km). Sophia Antipolis falls within the communes of Valbonne, Mougins, Biot, Vallauris and Antibes.

Other towns such as Vallauris, Grasse or Mougins are only accessible with a car.



The majority of EURECOM’ students live in ANTIBES/JUAN LES PINS, pleasant city by the seashore and major touristic spot of the French Rivieria, well distributed with public buses.

35- 50 min  by bus from EURECOM

The second biggest group of students live in BIOT and VALBONNE. The communes are located in the hills and close to EURECOM. They provide less social activities than Antibes but enjoy a very calm and safe environment for studies.

15-30 min by bus from  EURECOM

A minority of students choose to live in NICE.

Nice is the biggest city of the French Riviera and provides many cultural activities and the location of France’ second international airport. There are frequent buses from Nice to EURECOM but traffic jams can be heavy.

45min to 1h00 by bus from



Students have the choice between several housing options. Half of EURECOM' students live in residences (both private or public) and the other half in private rentals.

  • Private residence halls

    Private residences usually offer fully furnished and comfortable one-room apartments. Electricity and water may be sometimes included in the rent.

    Residences require at least one month rent as a deposit. Some offer the possibility of short-term contracts (from one to several months).

    Price: from 400 to 600€/month depending on the surface.

    Private residences usually require registration fees (120€ to 200€).

Check the updated list of residences nearby EURECOM.


  • Individual rental offers from private landlords

    EURECOM has long-term relations with private landlords. Each new student is provided with a list of updated private rental offers: fully furnished studio, apartments for two or more people in various locations. Some students choose to live in shared villas (4 to 6 people usually).

    Price: from 400 to 600€/month depending on the surface and equippment.

Please contact tadmission [at] eurecom [dot] fr (subject: accomodation%20EURECOM) (he Admission Office) for more information.


Admitted students receive full information regarding accomodation by mail once they confirm their admission.


       Our current students run a website with descriptions of their accomodation to guide future students in their search  "BDE HOUSING". Link to the website.

Each new admitted student will be provided with a password to access the site.

New students will also be invited on a dedicated facebook group with the current students to share information.




Flat-sharing websites:


admission [at] eurecom [dot] fr (subject: Accomodation) (Admission Office)



An recurrent word may come up in your housing search in France: the GUARANTOR. Some student residences and private landlords may require a guarantor living in France or in nearby EU countries.

A guarantor is a person or organization who may guarantee the payment of the rent and any bills in case of default on the tenant. Their financial resources must correspond to three times the amount of the rent.

In case the student does not have a guarantor, he can obtain a bank guarantee which is worth 3 times the amount of the rent.



For information about housing allowance, visit the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales site where you can download an application form.


The completed application must be returned to the following address with the appropriate documents :

Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (C.A.F.) des Alpes Maritimes
06175 NICE cedex 2

Tel : 0 810 29 29 29

  • EURECOM does not process CAF applications.
  • Students living at the Saint-Exupéry apartment hotel can inquire at the reception desk about CAF application forms.
  • Don’t forget to mention your CAF number (sent by the CAF offices) on your letters, and keep a copy of all your correspondence.
  • Housing allowance can only be paid on a French bank account.
  • Housing allowance can only be paid once all the procedures with the resident permit are validated (in January) but it will cover the previous months spent in France.

For students currently registered in another French school : If you are currently receiving housing aid, you must write to your CAF office to inform them that you are leaving your home on the 30th of June and that you need a transfer certificate to be sent to the CAF in Nice (see above address).