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Our service can offer you several solutions tailored to your needs. We are in contact with many people who can offer you the rental of studios and villas furnished and equipped during the school period. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal to guide you in your research.


We advise you to find accommodation as close as possible to EURECOM because road traffic is dense on the Côte d'Azur and the routes are more extended.


By experience we found that the majority of students preferred the furnished villas sharing formula. 

For any further information please contact the current students : promo2014 [at] eurecom [dot] fr (promo2014) and promo2015 [at] eurecom [dot] fr (promo2015)


Many private residences are present on the site of Sophia Antipolis. For next September 2013, feel free to contact these residences now.

Residence Oxford

Domaine Saint-Philippe-85 rue Henri Poincarré-06410 Biot

Tel.: + 33 4 93 95 84 47 (Mr Stéphane Grosjean)

Fax: + 33 4 93 95 82 10

oxford [at] etud-accueil [dot] fr (Email)- Website - reservation file

Residence Thesa

Residence Thésa - domain Green Side-210, Avenue Roumanille-06410 Biot

Tel.: + 33 4 93 00 03 93 (Mr Christian Ched)

Fax: + 33 4 93 65 29 21

sophia [at] etud-accueil [dot] fr (Email) - website - reservation file

Residence Saint-Exupéry

Residence Saint-Exupéry - Carrefour Georges Pompidou - 06560 Valbonne

Tel.: + 33 4 92 96 00 04 (Ms. Lotti)

Fax: + 33 4 92 96 04 11

sophia [at] grand-sud-accueil [dot] com (Email) - website - application

Residence Appart'Etud-NEMEA

Residence Le MAGISTER - 2 Rue Evariste GALOIS -06410 BIOT
Cell Phone : +33 (0)6 89 31 93 38 (Delphine MARCHAND)
appartetud-lemagister [at] nemea [dot] fr (E-mail )- Web Site - application



The CROUS improves the financial and material conditions for the pursuit of academic studies. To seek an award of higher education on social and/or academic residency admission criteria, a single application file is to be: Dossier social étudiant (DSE).

Application of higher education or university residence housing must be established between 15 January and 30 April 2014, by internet only: by clicking on the link "Le Dossier social étudiant (DSE) ""


The request for a folder can be established from the educational institution attended or from any computer with an internet connection. During this period of registration, the C.R.O.U.S. and the C.L.O.U.S. are available to students, in their administrative offices, a computer for the arrest of the registration.

The D.S.E. (stock exchange and/or university housing) application is to CONDITIONALLY perform before the examination or admission results in specific training.

Candidates not enrolled in the year of the application must go directly to the C.R.O.U.S. within the same timeframe.

Students attending school abroad or in a TOM must register on the website of the CNOUS: or withdraw their social record student at the Consulate of France.

For a fellow student of secondary education, a record must be entered between January 15 and April 30, 2014 by internet to solicit a scholarship of higher education on social criteria.

AUNCUN scholarship renewal is automatic. Already fellow student of higher education must necessarily to renew his application and create a new folder each year.

More information on the site of the Academy of Nice CROUS


For information about housing aid, visit the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales site where you can download an application form.


The completed application must be returned to the following address with the appropriate documents :

Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (C.A.F.) des Alpes Maritimes
06175 NICE cedex 2

Tel : 0 810 29 29 29

Monday through Friday, from 8:45 to 12:00 am and from 1:00 to 4:15 pm

  • EURECOM does not process CAF applications.
  • Students living at the Saint-Exupéry apartment hotel can inquire at the reception desk about CAF application forms.
  • Don’t forget to mention your CAF number (sent by the CAF offices) on your letters, and keep a copy of all your correspondence.

For students registered in a French school : If you are currently receiving housing aid, you must write your CAF office to inform them that you are leaving your home on the 30th of June and that you need a transfer certificate to be sent to the CAF in Nice (see above address).