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Student association


The Student Association (Bureau des Elèves) is made up of 8 students representing the home institutions of EURECOM's students. The board is elected by students for one year after an event-filled campaign.

The association has an office on the EURECOM premises, and students may also use one of the meeting rooms. With its two foosball games and a billard, students gather to organize events such as cinema nights or breakfasts.

The Student Association allocates funds to the various school clubs which it receives in the form of grants with the exception of the Junior Enterprise Association which operates with its own funds.

Its objectives

  • To represent students to the School Board
  • To welcome new students
  • To organize student activities through its clubs
  • To manage the budget

The association is also a link between students and the administration.

Its three main activities

  • To organize annual student trip from the 24th April to 3rd of may 2015
  • To organize the graduation ceremonies and events on September, Friday 18th 2015
  • To organize the initiation weekend from the 25th to the 27th September 2015

The Team

Chairs : Ismaïl MOURTADA
Vice-Chairs : Adil HIHI
Treasurer : Barthélémy BIDOT

Vice-Treasurer : Jimmy CASTEX
Secretary : Charles-Henri POIROT

Members : Lucia GATTONI, Chi-Kien DIEP, Tri NGUYEN, Xinghan GUO, Lucas CROIXMARIE, Edouard THOMAS, Charles DESCHARD, Nicolas DOLGIN, Philippe BONEFF, Michaël MOLLARD, Amélie BORSCHNECK


Campus SophiaTech
450 Route des Chappes
F-06410 Biot
bureau [dot] des [dot] eleves [at] eurecom [dot] fr (Courriel)

From the President

Dear Eurecomiens, welcome to the French Riviera, a wonderful part of the world that you will surely love and never forget, so get ready to have plenty of good memories from here.

One of EURECOM’s most admirable characteristics is to have students from all over the world and we try to reflect this diversity, as each member comes from a different country: Morocco, Romania, Brazil, France, Poland, Tunisia, China, India and Cameroon. All these countries are in the BDE to represent all the students.

Actually, we are not the BDE; the BDE is YOU and we are here to help and improve your student life, because studying is good, but studying and having fun is even better.

So say hello to parties in the most prestigious villas, international dinners, trips, sportive events and much more.

Ismail Mourtada