Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

Seminar: Infrastructure sharing in cellular networks


Date: October 29, 2015

Location: Eurecom - Salle SHANNON

Abstract: The talk summarizes the main challenges and opportunities of infrastructure sharing in present and future cellular networks. We begin by assessing, through real-world demand and deployment traces, how sharing can improve the efficiency of present-day networks, especially in rural areas. We then move to next-generation networks, exploring the relationship (and the potential conflict) between sharing and competition regulations. Finally, we study the relationship between traditional and virtual operators sharing the same SDN-based, virtualized core network. Biography: Francesco Malandrino is currently a Fibonacci Fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Before his current appointment, he was a post-doc at CTVR/Trinity College, Dublin and Politecnico di Torino, Italy, where he obtained his Ph.D. His interests focus on mobile networks with infrastructure. Titre: Partage d'infrastructure dans les reseaux cellulaires Résumé: Le séminaire résume les défis et promesses liés au partage d'infrastructure dans les réseaux cellulaires, en particulier comment l'efficacité du réseau peut être maximisée, spécialement dans des déploiements ruraux. Nous montrons comment gérer le conflit d'objectifs entre besoin de cooperations et de competition pour les opérateurs. Nous prenons comme exemple approfondi le cas d'opérateur virtuel partageant le resea coeur (basé sur le SDN) avec un opérateur traditionnel

Infrastructure sharing in cellular networks