Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

Seminar: Entity-Centric Data Management

Philippe Cudre-Mauroux - professeur à l'université de Fribourg

Multimedia Communications

Date: September 17, 2012

Location: Eurecom - Salle de réunion MM - 432

Until recently, structured (e.g., relational) and unstructured (e.g., textual) data were managed very differently: Structured data was queried declaratively using languages such as SQL, while unstructured data was searched using boolean queries over inverted indices. Today, we witness the rapid emergence of entity-centric techniques to bridge the gap between different types of content and manage both unstructured and structured data more effectively. I will start this talk by giving a few examples of entity-centric data management. I will then describe two recent systems that were built in my lab and revolve around entity-centric data management techniques: ZenCrowd (, a socio-technical platform that automatically connects HTML pages to structured entities, and Diplodocus[RDF] (, a scalable and efficient back-end to manage graphs of entities.

Entity-Centric Data Management