Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences

Seminar: Wireless Sensors Networks: Opportunities and Challenges

Magdy A; BAYOUMI -

Multimedia Communications

Date: June 4, 2010

Location: Eurecom - EN05

The integration of computers, communication, sensing, and microelectronics technologies in orchestrated systems has spread throughout the business, entertainment, military, security, and healthcare industries. In fact, integration has become essential to handling disasters and emergencies. Such integration is achievable through wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which are the prototypes of these new systems. Wireless sensor networks are based on the collaboration across a large number of sensor nodes. Wireless sensor networks offer several benefits to a wide range of applications -- from monitoring sensors in industrial facilities to the control and management of energy. The multifunctional capabilities including sensing, processing data, and communicating allow these benefits to be realized. Because of the special features of these networks, innovations in network technologies will focus on low power, reliable communication, and lowering costs. The high performance sensor node is an example of the effectiveness of integrating various memory technologies (CMOS, MEMS, synchronous, asynchronous, static, and dynamic) on the same chip. High performance sensor nodes are essential in improving the efficiency of this integration. This talk addresses various aspects and technological challenges of designing and integrating wireless sensor networks and the impact on a wide range of applications. Dr. Bayoumi will present a case study and demonstration of a SoC sensor node processor, designed in the lab of the Center for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The lecture will also highlight the main features of the next wave of sensor networks, Cognitive Sensor Networks, and how it will have a transformational impact on technologies, applications, and expectations.

Wireless Sensors Networks: Opportunities and Challenges