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Seminar: Bringing Robustness into 5.9 GHz ITS WAVE/DSRC Systems

Nicolai Czink

Communication systems

Date: February 9, 2010

Location: Eurecom - Salle des Conseils

ETSI has just finished their efforts creating a common European communications standard for 5.9 GHz traffic telematics (ES 202 663). On the PHY and MAC layer, the IEEE 802.11 standard has been adopted by specifying a fixed set of communications parameters: the "European Profile". However, improvements of the transmission scheme are necessary. The adopted IEEE 802.11 standard was initially designed for nomadic applications (i.e. WiFi). Mobile environments (as we observe on the road) were not foreseen. This mobility leads to a quickly changing communication channel, which cannot be accounted for sufficiently in the current standard. In this talk, I will discuss the shortcomings of the current standard on the basis of simulations and on-the-road measurements.

Bringing Robustness into 5.9 GHz ITS WAVE/DSRC Systems