Graduate School and Research Center in Digital Sciences


DEIXIS-Sophia team

EURECOM is hosting a research team in social science from the Economic, Management and Social Science department at Telecom ParisTech.

Researchers in the DEIXIS-Sophia team are currently developing innovative research on user behaviour and the social, cultural, and organizational transformations induced by Information and Communication Technology. The group involves three permanent researchers, laura [dot] draetta [at] telecom-paristech [dot] fr (Laura Draetta), Christian [dot] Licoppe [at] telecom-paristech [dot] fr (Christian Licoppe) (head) and marc [dot] relieu [at] telecom-paristech [dot] fr (Marc Relieu). It is especially focused on two domains of research, mobility, and sustainability.

The team is also involved in teaching in a cursus of the Master 2 of Sociology & Anthropology (Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis), entitled "Sociologie et Ergonomie des Technologies Numériques", which it co-founded with the University.