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Algorithmics and modeling aspects of network slicing in 5G and beyonds network: Survey

Debbabi, Fadoua; Jmal, Rihab; Fourati, Lamia Chaari; Ksentini, Adlen

IEEE Access, 7 September 2020

One of the key goals of future 5G networks is to incorporate many different services into a single physical network, where each service has its logical network isolated from other networks. Besides, Network Slicing (NS) is considered as the key technology for meeting the service requirements of diverse application domains. Recently, NS faces several algorithmic challenges for 5G networks. This paper provides a review related to NS architecture with a focus on relevant Management and Orchestration (MANO) architecture across multiple domains. In addition, this survey paper delivers a deep analysis and a taxonomy of NS algorithmic aspects. Finally, this paper highlights some of the open issues and future directions.  

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Title:Algorithmics and modeling aspects of network slicing in 5G and beyonds network: Survey
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:6337
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