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Intelligent resource allocation in wireless communications systems

Woongsup, Lee; Ohyun, Jo; Minhoe, Kim

IEEE Communications Magazine, Vol. 58, N°1, January 2020 

The emergence of DL represents a potential paradigm shift in the design of WCS, from conventional handcrafted schemes based on mathematical models with assumptions, to autonomous schemes based on DL using large sets of data. In this article, we discuss the essential elements of DL and investigate an intelligent RA scheme based on a DNN, in which multiple goals with various constraints can be satisfied through DL. Having confirmed the optimality and feasibility of DNN-based RA through simulation, we discuss some of the key technical challenges that remain problematic for the application of DL in the practical application of WCS.  

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Title:Intelligent resource allocation in wireless communications systems
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:6173
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