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Slicing and radio resource management

Samdanis, Konstantinos; Foukas, Xenofon; Pateromichelakis, Emmanouil; Ksentini, Adlen

Wiley 5G Ref: The Essential 5G Reference Online, Wiley, 2019

This article provides an overview of radio resource management (RRM) in the context of network slicing considering a range of different deployment options and practicalities. Initially, it elaborates the 3GPP radio access network (RAN) sharing in terms of business and architecture. Slice‐tailored RRM solutions are then considered for various base station deployments focusing on RRM principles and customization, which result in different paradigms of resource sharing including full isolation, sharing, and hybrid approaches. The concept of slice broker is also elaborated, which aims to allocate radio resources related to slice requests considering the desired service performance, highlighting the need of traffic and mobility forecasting. The notion of resource sharing is further analyzed, considering various RRM and scheduling schemes including multi‐objective and hierarchical RRM, slice‐aware flexible function split, TDD service‐oriented solutions, and joint radio and backhaul optimization and licensed assisted configurations.

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Title:Slicing and radio resource management
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:6149
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