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SliceNet control plane for 5G network slicing in evolving future networks

Baldini, Luca; Wang, Qi; Alcaraz Calero, Jose; Barros Weiss, Maria; Gavras, Anastasius; Bernini, Giacomo; Giardina, Pietro G; Angelo, Ciriaco; Vasilakos, Xenofon; Chang, Chia-Yu; Nikaein, Navid; et al.

NETSOFT 2019, IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization, 2nd International Workshop on Advances in Slicing for Softwarized Infrastructures (S4SI), 24-28 June, 2019, Paris, France

Future networks including the Fifth Generation (5G) and beyond mobile networks shall manage, control and orchestrate the new services for users especially vertical sectors, thereby they shall maximize the potential of 5G infrastructures and their services. Network slicing has emerged as a major new networking paradigm for meeting the diverse requirements of various vertical businesses in virtualized and softwarised 5G networks. SliceNet is a project of the EU 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) and focuses on network slicing as a cornerstone technology in 5G networks. This article describes how the SliceNet Control Plane shall evolve to meet the end-to-end needs of many different vertical businesses. SliceNet Control Plane shall span across multiple administrative domains, by integrating different technologies in each involved segments (RAN, MEC, CN, inter-connectivity). Moreover, SliceNet Control Plane is able to allow verticals to plug their own control logic on top of provisioned slices and specialize their services characteristics while optimizing the use of shared resources, providing dynamic configuration, dynamic management, resource isolation and scalability. 

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Title:SliceNet control plane for 5G network slicing in evolving future networks
Keywords:network slicing; slice management; cognitive network management; verticals; control plane; softwarization; virtualization
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5994
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