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Towards QoS-aware recommendations

Sermpezis, Pavlos; Kastanakis, Savvas; Pinheiro, João Ismael; Assis, Felipe; Menasché, Daniel; Spyropoulos, Thrasyvoulos

Submitted to ArXiv, 15 July 2019

This paper suggests the concept of QoS-aware recommendations for multimedia services/applications. We propose that recommendation systems (RSs) should take into account the expected QoS with which a content can be delivered to a user, to increase the user satisfaction and retention rates. While QoS-aware (or, network-aware) recommendations have been recently proposed as a promising solution to improve network performance, the impact of this idea on real user experience has only been speculated. Our contributions in this direction are the following: (i) we reconsider the problem from the perspective of users and the RS; (ii) to support our suggestions, we conduct experiments with real users, and present initial experimental results. Our analysis demonstrates the potential of the idea: QoS-aware recommendations could be beneficial for both the users (better experience) and content providers (higher retention rates). We believe that our study can help open a future research direction.

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Title:Towards QoS-aware recommendations
Keywords:Quality of Service, Context-aware Recommendation Systems, Multimedia content, Experiments, YouTube video service
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5985
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