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5G-PICTURE: A programmable multi-tenant 5G compute-RAN-transport infrastructure

Camps, Daniel; Katsalis, Kostas; Freire, Igor; Gutiérrez, Jesús; Makris, Nikos; Pontarelli, Salvatore; Schmidt, Robert

EUCNC 2019, European Conference on Networks and Communications, 18-21 June 2019, Valencia, Spain

Flexibility is a key capability to allow future 5G networks to support varying service offerings over a common infrastructure. 5G-PICTURE investigates the design of programmable compute and transport network infrastructures, able to instantiate third-party 5G connectivity services on demand. This paper introduces the 5G-PICTURE vision on an integrated compute, RAN and transport architecture, and describes a set of innovative functions in the RAN, Transport and Synchronization domains that 5G-PICTURE has developed to fulfill its vision. Initial evaluation results are presented for the aforementioned functions.

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Title:5G-PICTURE: A programmable multi-tenant 5G compute-RAN-transport infrastructure
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5897
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