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System identification and H-based control of quadrotor attitude

Noormohammadi-Asl, Ali; Esrafilian, Omid; Ahangar, Mojtaba; Taghirad, Hamid D.

Submitted to ArXiv, 28 December 2018

The attitude control of a quadrotor is a fundamental problem, which has a pivotal role in a quadrotor stabilization and control. What makes this problem more challenging is the presence of uncertainty such as unmodelled dynamics and unknown parameters. In this paper, to cope with uncertainty, an H∞ control approach is adopted for a real quadrotor. To achieve the H∞ controller, first a continuous-time system identification is performed on the experimental data to encapsulate a nominal model of the system as well as a multiplicative uncertainty. By this means, the H∞ controllers for both roll and pitch angle are synthesized. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed controllers, some real experiments and simulations are carried out. Results verify that the designed controller does retain robust stability, and provide a better tracking performance in comparison with a well-tuned PID and a µ synthesis controller.

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Title:System identification and H-based control of quadrotor attitude
Keywords:Quadrotor, Attitude control, Continuous-time system identification, Linear uncertain system, Robust H; control
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5784
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