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Flexible packet generation control for multi-application V2V communication

Khan, Irfan; Härri, Jérôme

VTC 2018-Fall, IEEE 88th Vehicular Technology Conference, 27-30 August 2018, Chicago, USA

Decentralized Congestion Control (DCC) for 802.11p based V2X communication has been widely investigated for a single Cooperative Awareness service. As future connected intelligent vehicles will be based on multiple V2X services with a variety of application traffic pattern, DCC mechanisms should be capable of limiting channel congestion while satisfying the channel resource requirement of a range of heterogeneous applications in each node. In this paper, we analyze the application layer rate control approach of Facilities DCC, currently being standardized in Europe, and propose a flexible packet generation control, which gives each node more flexibility and agility for resource management among its applications. Our simulation based results show that a flexible allocation can more rapidly serve application packet generation requests while keeping the channel load within the desired level even with high node density. More importantly, it solves the starvation issue, commonly associated with the strict priority based traffic shaping approach of DCC.

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Title:Flexible packet generation control for multi-application V2V communication
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5635
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