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Developing and integrating a semantic Interoperability testing tool in F-Interop platform

Datta, Soumya Kanti; Bonnet, Christian; Baqa, Hamza; Zhao, Mengxuan; Le-Gall, Franck

TENSYMP 2018, IEEE Symposium on the Impact of the Internet of Things, 4-6 July 2018, Sydney, Australia

Highly Commended Award

The full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) is challenged by heterogeneous IoT data sources, data formats, and fragmented IoT ecosystems. Semantic interoperability is identified as a key to address these challenges. But majority of the current IoT ecosystems lack any tool to verify if two IoT platforms are semantically interoperable. This paper proposes a semantic interoperability testing tool called SemTest. It performs conformance and interoperability tests to ensure whether two IoT systems under test (SUT) are semantically interoperable. The architecture of each testing methodology is presented along with technical discussion on the tool development. A major contribution of the paper is to integrate the SemTest tool into the F-Interop platform which aims at online conformance, interoperability, and performance tests for IoT. Feedbacks from the semantic web technology experts from IETF and W3C communities highlight that the proposed tool is novel, timely, and will have a strong impact across the IoT ecosystems.

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Title:Developing and integrating a semantic Interoperability testing tool in F-Interop platform
Keywords:F-Interop Platform; Internet of Things; Semantic Interoperability; Testing.
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5566
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