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Next-generation, data centric and end-to-end IoT architecture based on microservices

Datta, Soumya; Bonnet, Christian

ICCE-Asia 2018, 3rd International Conference on Consumer Elecrtronics, June 24-26, 2018, Jeju, Korea

The early Internet of Things (IoT) systems have been infrastructure dependent. But these systems are evolving due to the advent of data centric IoT architectures, applications and services that are independent of infrastructure. Cloudification, virtualization and softwarization of IoT devices and services are heavily used to design, develop and deploy new End-to-End IoT applications. Scalability, extensibility and interoperability challenges are now coming to forefront regarding the new IoT services and platforms. This paper proposes to tackle these challenges using microservices in the Cloud.We are extending our previously developed DataTweet IoT architecture and services to cover a high degree of heterogeneity, information systems, integration of virtual IoT devices, gateways and micro-granular architectures. The paper investigates the new challenges and describes solutions for integrating microservices with more flexible and scalable architectural meta models. We present a prototype of the enhanced architecture, its operational steps and a use cases on roadside assistance.

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Title:Next-generation, data centric and end-to-end IoT architecture based on microservices
Keywords:Autonomous Vehicles; Extensibility; Internet of Things; Interoperability; Microservices; Roadside Assistance; Scalability
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5542
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