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Design of a UE-specific uplink scheduler for narrowband Internet-Of-Things (NB-IOT) systems

Hsieh, Bing-Zhi; Chao, Yu-Hsiang; Cheng, Ray-Guang; Nikaein, Navid

IGBSG 2018, 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Green Building and Smart Grid, April 22-25, 2018, Yilan, Taiwan

Narrowband internet-of things (NB-IoT) is a 3GPP standard designed for Internet-of-Things (IoT) application. This paper presents the design consideration and possible options of a UE-specific uplink (UL) scheduler for NB-IoT system. We developed a unitary C emulation platform to verify the effectiveness of the proposed approaches, which is currently under integration within the OpenAirInterface NB-IoT project.

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Title:Design of a UE-specific uplink scheduler for narrowband Internet-Of-Things (NB-IOT) systems
Keywords:UE-specific uplink scheduler, OpenAirInterfaceTM (OAI)
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5487
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