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Parameter estimation techniques for indoor localisation via WiFi

Bazzi, Ahmad


In an indoor environment, the problem of extracting the Angle-of-Arrival of the Line-of-Sight component between a transmitter and Wi-Fi receiver using a SIMO link is the main concern of this thesis. One main challenge in doing so is due to the rich multipath channel that indoor environments enjoy. Other challenges are limitation of resources, such as number of antennas, available bandwidth, and Signal-to-Noise-Ratio; not to mention the Wi-Fi "imperfections", such as gain/phase mismatches between antennas and synchronisation issues between transmitter and receiver. In this thesis, our main focus is implementing a real-time system that could measure the angle between a transmitter and receiver in the presence of all the previous challenges. This thesis will also include other theoretical methods that have to deal with Angle-of-Arrival Estimation problem from compressed sensing and signal processing point of views.

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Title:Parameter estimation techniques for indoor localisation via WiFi
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5343
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