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CDN-as-a-service provision over a telecom operator's cloud

Frangoudis, Pantelis A; Yala, Louiza: Ksentini, Adlen

IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (Vol. 14, N°3), September 2017

We present the design and implementation of a Content-Delivery-Network-as-a-Service (CDNaaS) architecture, which allows a telecom operator to open up its cloud infrastructure for content providers to deploy virtual CDN instances on demand, at regions where the operator has presence. Using northbound REST APIs, content providers can express performance requirements and demand specifications, which are translated to an appropriate service placement on the underlying cloud substrate. Our architecture is extensible, supporting various different CDN flavors, and, in turn, different schemes for cloud resource allocation and management. In order to decide on the latter in an optimal manner from an infrastructure cost and a service quality perspective, knowledge of the performance capabilities of the underlying technologies and compute resources is critical. Therefore, to gain insight which can be applied to the design of such mechanisms, but also with further implications on service pricing and SLA design, we carry out a measurement campaign to evaluate the capabilities of key enabling technologies for CDNaaS provision. In particular, we focus on virtualization and containerization technologies for implementing virtual CDN functions to deliver a generic HTTP service, as well as an HTTP video streaming one, empirically capturing the relationship between performance and service workload, both from a system operator and a user-centric viewpoint.

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Title:CDN-as-a-service provision over a telecom operator's cloud
Keywords:Content delivery networks, experimental approaches, cloud computing, network functions virtualization, network planning and service deployment, quality of experience, virtualization.
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5227
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