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Extending datatweet IoT architecture for virtual IoT devices

Datta, Soumya Kanti; Bonnet, Christian

ITHINGS 2017, 10th IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things, 21-23 June 2017, Exeter, UK

Virtual sensors promise numerous benefits to the Internet of Things (IoT) in terms of enhanced computing on sensor data, sensor fusion and overall cost reduction. But a wide deployment of this concept in the IoT system is not witnessed due to a lack of uniform approach to create and maintain them. Also, virtual actuators are not fully explored yet. This paper proposes a uniform mechanism to create and operate a virtual IoT device (VID) that can represent either a virtual sensor or a virtual actuator. VID integration into an IoT architecture is presented and operational phases are explained. Utilization of the virtual IoT devices in an horizon IoT application involving connected vehicles and Smart City is outlined. The main novel aspects of the work are - (i) remote creation of VID by a system administrator and/or a consumer, (ii) standard web technology based implementation of VID promoting interoperability in IoT architecture, (iii) generic and flexible deployment, (iv) support of discovery and management of VIDs through the IoT architecture and (v) ability to communicate to both smart and legacy IoT devices.

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Title:Extending datatweet IoT architecture for virtual IoT devices
Keywords:Discovery; Internet of Things; IoT architecture; Virtual Sensor; Virtual Actuator; Web of Things
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5200
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