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Relay aided coordinated beamforming and interference neutralization

Tabikh, Wassim; Slock, Dirk TM; Yuan-Wu, Yi

ITA 2017, Information Theory and Applications Workshop, February 12-17, 2017, San Diego, USA

We consider the Multi-Input Single Output (MISO) Interfering Broadcast Channel (IBC), in other words the multiuser (MU) multi-cell half duplex downlink in a cellular or heterogeneous network, aided by a full duplex MIMO relay. The Degrees of Freedom (DoF) are analyzed for joint coordinated beamforming by the base stations and interference neutralization by the relay. Also Weighted Sum Rate Maximization at finite SNR is developed. The main concern however for interference neutralization is channel state information (CSI) at the relay, which does not observe the direct user links. Various solutions are explored.

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Title:Relay aided coordinated beamforming and interference neutralization
Type:Invited paper in a conference
City:San Diego
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5161
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