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Cooperative localization in GNSS-aided VANETs with accurate IR-UWB range measurements

Hoang, Gia Minh; Denis, Benoit ; Härri, Jérôme; Slock, Dirk TM

WPNC 2016, 13th IEEE Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communications, 19-20 October 2016, Bremen, Germany

Best Student Paper Award

Cooperative localization based on Impulse Radio-Ultra WideBand (IR-UWB) is known to provide a centimeterlevel ranging resolution when the anchor nodes have perfectly known positions. In Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs), vehicles acting as "virtual anchor" nodes are highly mobile with imperfect GNSS position estimates. The large difference between measurement noises of the (Global Navigation Satellite System) GNSS position and the IR-UWB (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) V2V ranging creates a bias in the localization filter, which is cooperatively propagated to other anchor nodes, and therefore significantly attenuates the benefits of IR-UWB for cooperative localization. This paper compensates this drawback by a novel 2-step cooperative localization fusion framework. It first selects the "virtual anchor" nodes with the lowest GNSS position uncertainty to mitigate and stop the propagation of the bias. Once all bias have been reduced, it refines the localization precision through exhaustive fusion between "virtual anchors". This strategy increases the probability to reach a 40 cm precision from 25% (conventional IR-UWB) to 95%, and even a 20cm precision from 5% to 40%.

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Title:Cooperative localization in GNSS-aided VANETs with accurate IR-UWB range measurements
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:5001
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