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The open-set problem in acoustic scene classification

Battaglino, Daniele; Lepauloux, Ludovick; Evans, Nicholas

IWAENC 2016, 15th International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement, September 13-16, 2016, Xi'an, China

Acoustic scene classification (ASC) has attracted growing research interest in recent years. Whereas the previous work has investigated closed-set classification scenarios, the predominant ASC application is open-set in nature. The contributions of the paper are (i) the first investigation of ASC in an open-set scenario, (ii) the formulation of open-set ASC as a detection problem, (iii) a classifier tailored to the open-set scenario and (iv) a new assessment protocol and metric. Experiments show that, despite the challenge of open-set ASC, reliable performance is achieved with the support vector data description classifier for varying levels of openness.

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Title:The open-set problem in acoustic scene classification
Keywords:Acoustic scene classification, open-set, support vector data description
Department:Digital Security
Eurecom ref:4954
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