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Optimal power control in cognitive MIMO systems with limited feedback

Ropokis, George A; Gesbert, David; Berberidis, Kostas

ISCCSP 2014, 6th International Symposium onCommunications, Control and Signal Processing, May 21-23, 2014, Athens, Greece

In this paper, the problem of optimal power allocation in Cognitive Radio (CR) Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems is treated. The focus is on providing limited feedback solutions aiming at maximizing the secondary system rate subject to a constraint on the average interference caused to primary communication. The limited feedback solutions are obtained by reducing the information available at secondary transmitter (STx) for the link between STx and the secondary receiver (SRx) as well as by limiting the level of available information at STx that corresponds to the link between the STx and the primary receiver PRx. Monte Carlo simulation results are given that allow to assess the performance achieved by the proposed algorithms.

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Title:Optimal power control in cognitive MIMO systems with limited feedback
Keywords:Underlay Cognitive Radio, MIMO systems, power policy, ergodic rate maximization, average interference constraint
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4924
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