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Building virtual 802.11 testbeds towards open 5G experimentation

Kousias, Kostas; Katsalis, Kostas; Stavropoulos, Donatos; Korakis, Thanasis; Tassiulas, Leandros

WCNC 2016, IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference, 3-6 April 2016, Doha, Qatar

Together with recent advancements in Radio Access Network (RAN) technologies,Wi-Fi is expected to be at the center of research on the subject of ubiquitous wireless connectivity, towards building the new 5G ecosystem. Nevertheless, the necessary testbed infrastructure to support large scale experimentally driven research seems to be missing. In this work we present the design and implementation of a novel Virtual Wi-Fi Testbed. We present how a traditional Wireless Testbed can support hundreds of virtual Wi-Fi nodes that are open to experimenters. We discuss the design and implementation of the virtualization tools. We demonstrate the accuracy and the overhead analysis of the approach in the face of actual testbed conditions. Implementation experience is also reported on the benefits of using the proposed virtualization approach for a simple association algorithm.

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Title:Building virtual 802.11 testbeds towards open 5G experimentation
Keywords:Wireless Network Virtualization, 5G experimentation, Wi-Fi, Testbeds, Multi-SSID
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4828
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