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Traffic management based on vehicular communication at low equipment rates

Krajzewicz, Daniel; Blokpoel, Robbin; Bonfietti, Alessio; Härri, Jérôme; Hausberger, Stefan; Dubois-Lacoste, Jérémie

ITS 2015, 22nd ITS World Congress 2015, 5-9 October 2015, Bordeaux, France

Most applications built upon vehicular communications (V2X) target on increasing traffic safety. They often require a direct communication between at least two vehicles equipped with a communication device. Thereby, a sufficient amount of equipped vehicles is necessary for assuring these applications’ functionality. Meanwhile, traffic management needs information about the state on the roads. The COLOMBO project, co-funded by the European Commission, follows the idea to support traffic management with new data, gained from vehicular communications at low equipment rates. It designs and evaluates traffic management solutions for traffic surveillance and traffic lights based on simulations. This article introduces the major achievements of the project, regarding both, the developed traffic management solutions as well as the extensions of the used simulation tools.

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Title:Traffic management based on vehicular communication at low equipment rates
Keywords:Traffic management, vehicular communication, simulation
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4782
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