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Fog computing architecture to enable consumer centric Internet of Things services

Datta, Soumya Kanti; Bonnet, Christian; Härri, Jérôme

ISCE 2015, 19th IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics, June 24-26 2015, Madrid, Spain

Fog Computing is a recent computing paradigm that is extending cloud computing towards the edge of network. Due to its proximity to end-users, dense geographical distribution, open platform and support for high mobility, Fog Computing platforms can provide services with reduced latency and improved QoS. Thus it is becoming an important enabler for consumer centric Internet of Things based applications and services that require real time operations e.g. connected vehicles, smart road intersection management and smart grid. The paper discusses one such architecture for connected vehicles with Road Side Units (RSUs) and M2M gateways including the Fog Computing Platform. M2M data processing with semantics, discovery and management of connected vehicles are briefly discussed as consumer centric IoT services enabled by the distinct characteristics of Fog Computing. 

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Title:Fog computing architecture to enable consumer centric Internet of Things services
Keywords:Fog Computing; Internet of Things; Consumer Centric; Smart Mobility; Connected Vehicles; oneM2M
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4591
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