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XFT: Practical fault tolerance beyond crashes

Liu, Shengyun; Viotti, Paolo; Cachin, Christian; Quéma, Vivien; Vukolic, Marko

OSDI 2016, 12th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation, November 1-4, 2016, Savannah, GA, USA

Despite 30+ years of intensive research, the distributed computing community still does not have a practical answer to non-crash faults of the machines that comprise a distributed system. In particular, Byzantine fault-tolerance (BFT), that promises to handle such faults, has not lived to expectations due to its resource and operation overhead with respect to its crash fault-tolerant (CFT) counterparts. This overhead comes from the worst-case assumption about Byzantine faults, in the sense that some coordinated adversarial activity controls the faulty machines and the entire network at will. To practitioners, however, such strong attacks appear irrelevant. In this paper, we introduce XFT ("cross fault tolerance"), a novel approach to building reliable distributed systems, that decouples the fault space across the machine and network faults dimensions, treating machine faults and network asynchrony separately. This is in sharp contrast to the existing CFT and BFT models that discern system faults only along the machine fault dimension. XFT offers much more flexibility than traditional synchronous and asynchronous models that (too strictly) fix the network fault model of interest regardless of the machine faults. As the showcase for XFT, we present Paxos++: the first state machine replication protocol in the XFT model. Paxos++ tolerates faults beyond crashes in an efficient and practical way, featuring many more nines of reliability than the celebrated crash-tolerant Paxos protocol, without impacting its resource/operation costs while maintaining the same performance (common-case communication complexity among replicas). Surprisingly, Paxos++ sometimes (depending on the system environment) even offers strictly stronger reliability guarantees than state-of-the-art BFT replication protocols. 

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Title:XFT: Practical fault tolerance beyond crashes
Department:Digital Security
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