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C5: Cross-cores cache covert channel

Maurice, Clémentine; Neumann, Christoph; Heen, Olivier; Francillon, Aurélien

DIMVA 2015, Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment, July 9-10, 2015, Milano, Italy

Best Paper Award

Cloud computing relies on hypervisors to isolate virtual machines running on shared hardware. Since perfect isolation is difficult to achieve, sharing hardware induces threats. Covert channels were demonstrated to violate isolation and, typically, allow data exfiltration. Several covert channels have been proposed that rely on the processor's cache. However, these covert channels are either slow or impractical due to the addressing uncertainty. This uncertainty exists in particular in virtualized environments and with recent L3 caches which are using complex addressing. Using shared memory would elude addressing uncertainty, but shared memory is not available in most practical setups. We build C5, a covert channel that tackles addressing uncertainty without requiring any shared memory, making the covert channel fast and practical. We are able to transfer messages on modern hardware across any cores of the same processor. The covert channel targets the last level cache that is shared across all cores. It exploits the inclusive feature of caches, allowing a core to evict lines in the private first level cache of another core. We experimentally evaluate the covert channel in native and virtualized environments. In particular, we successfully establish a covert channel between virtual machines running on different cores. We measure a bitrate of 1291bps for a native setup, and 751bps for a virtualized setup. This is one order of magnitude above previous cache-based covert channels in the same setup. 

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Title:C5: Cross-cores cache covert channel
Keywords:Covert channel, Cache, Cross-VM, Virtualization, Cloud computing
Department:Digital Security
Eurecom ref:4554
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