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Robust precoding for network MIMO with hierarchical CSIT

De Kerret, Paul; Fritzsche, Richard; Gesbert, David; Salim, Umer

ISWCS 2014, 11th International Symposium on Wireless Communications Systems, August 26-29, 2014, Barcelona, Spain / Also on ArXiv

In this work1 we consider a wireless network with K cooperating transmitters (TXs) serving jointly K receivers (RXs). Due to the practical limitations of the backhaul network, it is relevant to consider a setting where each TX receives its own imperfect estimate of the multi-user channel state, denoted as the distributed channel state information (CSI) setting. We focus in this work on a particular distributed CSI configuration called hierarchical CSI configuration in which the TXs can be ordered by increasing level of CSI. This scenario is particularly relevant for future networks with heterogeneous backhaul where the TXs connected with a weak backhaul link will receive only a coarse estimate while the TXs with a stronger backhaul will have a more accurate CSI. In that scenario, we formulate the optimal precoding as a team decision problem. Solving optimally this problem is extremely challenging such that we propose a heuristic approach allowing to obtain a simple, yet efficient and practical, precoding algorithm. The proposed precoding algorithm exploits the hierarchical structure of the CSI to make the transmission more robust to the imperfect CSI knowledge at the TXs.

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Title:Robust precoding for network MIMO with hierarchical CSIT
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4369
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