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ReTiHA: Real time health advice and action using smart devices

Dolui, Koustabh; Mukherjee, Srijani; Datta, Soumya Kanti; Rajamani, Venkiteswaran

ICCICCT 2014, International Conference on Control, Instrumentation, Communication and Computational Technologies, 10-11 July 2014, Tamilnadu, India

In this paper we have explored the novel services that can be engendered with the use of Real Time Health Advice and Action (ReTiHA) through continuous monitoring of the patient for vital parameters, real time prognosis and medical advice. Our services are aimed at providing healthcare services in remote areas where rigid healthcare systems are unavailable through implementation of cost effective mechanisms. With the advent of wearable sensors, improved mobile communication technologies and powerful on-board processing capabilities in smart devices, the data collected from the patient and the surrounding environment can be utilized to monitor the patient for various anomalies ranging from a simple rise in body temperature to complex situations including organ failure. The data from sensors are processed on the device itself or sent to a remote server for computations depending on the amount of data handled and the level of emergency associated with the same. The patients are registered on the cloud with organized storage of medical history, vital parameters along with possible emergencies and symptoms. We have emphasized on the introduction of various value-added services in which the immediate family of the patient can receive real time updates, push notifications for medicinal intakes, feedback from patients as well as real time advice in times of emergency. These services are designed to reduce reaction time for an emergency allowing possible prediction of occurrence at a lower level of emergency for patients.

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Title:ReTiHA: Real time health advice and action using smart devices
Keywords:E-health monitoring; Smart devices; Wireless sensor networks; Remote health advice
Department:Communication systems
Eurecom ref:4359
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