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Linking text and visual concepts semantically for cross modal multimedia search

Safadi, Bahjat; Sahuguet, Mathilde; Huet, Benoit

ICIP 2014, 21st IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, October 27-30, 2014, Paris, France

Currently, popular search engines retrieve documents on the basis of text information. However, integrating the visual information with the text-based search for video and image retrieval is still a hot research topic. In this paper, we propose and evaluate a video search framework based on using visual information to enrich the classic text-based search for video retrieval. With the proposed framework, we endeavor to show experimentally, on a set of real world scenarios, that visual cues can effectively contribute to significant quality improvement of video retrieval. Experimental results show that mapping text-based queries to visual concepts improves the performance of the search system. Moreover, when appropriately selecting the relevant visual concepts for a query, a very substantial improvement of the system's performance is achieved.

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Title:Linking text and visual concepts semantically for cross modal multimedia search
Keywords:Multimedia retrieval, video search and visual cues
Department:Data Science
Eurecom ref:4316
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