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Television meets the Web: a multimedia hypervideo experience

Redondo Garcia, José Luis; Troncy, Raphaël

ISWC 2013, 12th International Semantic Web Conference, Doctoral Consortium Track, CEUR Proceedings, Volume 1045, October 22, 2013, Sydney, Australia

Nowadays, more and more information on the Web is becoming available in a structured and easily searchable way. Multimedia and particularly television content has to adopt those same Web princi- ples in order to make the consumption of media items and Web browsing seamlessly interconnected, no matter if the content is coming live from a local broadcaster or from an online video streaming service. This research proposes the creation of a methodology for representing, searching and interlinking multimedia items with other existing resources. This model has to be easily extensible and Web compliant in order to make the generated annotations available to the outside world and reused in other similar applications

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Title:Television meets the Web: a multimedia hypervideo experience
Keywords:Hypervideo, Television, Multimedia Ontology, NER, Sec- ond Screen
Department:Data Science
Eurecom ref:4243
Copyright: CEUR
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